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Late Winter, Early Spring

The winter and early spring has been very wet  - a common occurrence here in South Gippsland!

Following a successful 2019 harvest and pressing from May through to mid July our extra virgin olive oil from 6 varieties is now being bottled and is ready for sale.

Following the harvest a great deal of heavy pruning has a been carried out to reduce the size of the trees to a manageable height and to promote fruit to develop where they can be more easily reached at harvest time.  Lighter pruning will continue throughout the season. New leaves have already started to develop on the pruned trees and flowers are continuing to develop on trees in the remainder of the grove.

.Grass mowing has been a regular activity with the spring rains encouraging growth.  

The varietals available from the 2019 harvest are: 

  • Frantoio - This Tuscan style oil has a distinct olive aroma with hints of grass. Its sweetness is complimented with  fruity, green banana tones, low bitterness and a lasting finish. Mild style oil.

  • Coratina - This Southern Italian style oil has a dried herbs aroma. Its grassy flavour is complimented by moderate bitterness and a medium spicy, peppery finish that lingers. Medium style oil.

  • Koroneiki - This variety originates from Crete and has a characteristic grassy aroma and taste that is vibrant, with hints of  green apple, complimented by  moderate pepper that lingers. Medium style oil.

  • Leccino - This Tuscan style oil has a clean mouth feel and a sweet, fresh taste with a lasting finish. Mild style oil. 

  • Arbequina/Picual - Our only Spanish varieties are blended, this oil has a confectionary aroma with avocado on the palate with low bitterness. Mild style oil.


Come and visit us at the Prom Country Farmers' Market or call and make a time to tour the grove and sample some of our boutique varietal oils, we're sure you'll taste the difference!

If you are interested in becoming a new customer, mail delivery, visiting our grove or have any other inquiries please email us at:  contact@goldencreekolives.com.au